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Hello, bonjour, buongiorno !

I'm Clément, an experienced french Software Product Designer. I help technology companies and organisations to build great products and experiences by designing for people's problems.

I do believe that good design makes products valuable, easy to use, and aesthetic, creating value for users and organisations while having a positive impact on society and our planet. Human-centered methods and design thinking are central in my practice.

I work on the end-to-end product process , from user problems to solution delivery with a systematic approach and great attention to details. As an experienced product designer, my duty is also to define the product design process, set the direction and provide leadership and mentorship for others to work through it in cross-functional teams.

I have worked with technology companies like Yubo, Singulart, Bankin, Comet, Sismo, Bridge, Zest, Abricot, or Off-works. I also worked for large public organisations, among them the central bank of France and the french postal service company, and large private companies in the banking, real estate and insurance industries.

If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me.

Design is not my only interest. I'm an avid reader : philosophy, humanities, sciences and literature. I also love independent music, and often carry a camera with me.