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Hello, bonjour, buongiorno !

I'm an experienced french Product Designer with strong product thinking abilities. I help tech companies and teams to build great products by designing for people's problems and making analytical decisions based on data.

I do believe that good design makes products valuable, easy to use, and aesthetic, creating value for users and organizations while having a positive impact on society and our planet. Human-centered methods and design thinking are central in my practice.

With previous experience in innovation consulting and product management, I have strong product and analytical thinking abilities. In 2017 I attended Le Wagon's coding bootcamp to understand how digital products work behind the curtain, and in 2018 I attended The Design Crew's training to strengthened my product design skills. I have worked with technology companies like Bankin', Comet, Zest, Abricot, Aline, but also with a bunch of large public or private organizations. If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me.

Design is not my only interest. I'm an avid reader : philosophy, social sciences and literature, with a specific interest in moral philosophy. I also love independent music, and often carry a camera with me.