Senior Product Designer

For growing tech companies, attracting and closing the best Product Designers is hard. Candidates getting through all the steps of the hiring marathon - from skills assessments, interviews with other managers, and background checks - are rare, and time-to-hire is extremely long to be sure to pick the right person. Even when the perfect profile is found, it can take several more months for the new employee to start due to the respect of the notice period with the previous employer. In the meantime, growing tech companies have markets to conquer and always highly demanding users to please, under the pressure of time, competitive markets, and financial resources to allocate properly.

Vacant roles cost companies productivity, and shipping features without a well-crafted user experience is risky, often resulting in additional later costs, through product and design debt.

About me

As an experienced freelance Product Designer, I help growing tech companies to continuously deliver amazing products and experiences to their users. I like to join well-structured Product and Design teams for several months in a fully integrated mode, where I take part of the team processes to reach the same key result with a good understanding both of the users and the product, which are fundamental to make any good Product Design job.

My seniority in Product Design, helps me to be proficient in a new team faster.

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How does it work

  • Collaboration : Fully integrated
  • Contract : Full-time or nearly full-time
  • Duration : Several months with monthly contract renewals until you reached your internal Product Designer team size target.

If you think we can work together,
feel free to contact me.