Product and Design Partner

For early-stage tech startups, working with experienced product and design experts to get to product/market fit is key. It's a stage of empathy where you need to understand your users and focus the work to solve their main problems with a simple user experience. User interviews, fast prototyping, multiple iterations, user tests, and above all, learning is key. Neglecting these steps will lead to weak product foundations.

In the meantime, early stage is not the proper stage to hire and set up a dedicated Product and Design team due to uncertainty. High flexibility is preferred.

About me

As an experienced freelance Product Designer, I help early-stage tech companies to get to product/market fit by delivering amazing products and experiences to their users. I like to join early-stage startups to work closely with the founders and make use of my end-to-end skills: user research, user experience design, user interface design, user tests, product specification, and  QA. Building early processes to prepare the following growth is also part of my duties. My seniority in Product and Design, helps me to be proficient in a startup faster.

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How does it work

  • Collaboration : Part-time, Product and Design partner.
  • Duration : several months partnership based on flexible task-based renewable contracts.

If you think we can work together, feel free to contact me.